Printable 2024 Garden Planner PDF

Printable 2024 Garden Planner PDF

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The 2024 Garden Planner is a resource to help you in the garden! 

The Planner:

  • This planner is a general month-to-month planner used year after year.
  • You have planting suggestions, helpful gardening tips, and planning ideas each month! 
  • They are suggestions for Growing Zone 7B.
  • You can adjust the plan for 6B by planning two weeks behind or 8A for two weeks ahead (all depending on the weather).  
  • I highly recommend laminating the pages for easy use in the garden!

How it works: 

  • Once you have ordered your digital prints or cards, you will receive an email with your printable files. 
  • Files will be sent in PDF form. 
  • You will then download your files to your computer or phone. 
  • Print as much as you like! 

Helpful tips: 

  • Printing quality will depend on the quality of your printer. Make sure you are printing from a high-quality printer. 
  • You may want to select the photo quality option on your printer before printing. 
  • Print on cardstock or high-quality artisan paper. 

 Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problems with your order!