Herb Salts

   I have discovered the wonderful world of herb salts! I love fresh herbs, but sadly I can't keep them growing all year round. You saw my DIY herb drying rack in a previous blog, if you missed it, here it is the link, which is excellent when I have time to get my dry herbs together. But some times, I need a ready-made herb solution for those nights that I need to throw something together quick for supper! Herb salts are an excellent premixed option to use in the kitchen. The best part is they are really easy to make!
   Herb salts are precisely what their name implies, a mixture of herbs and salt that have been blended together. You chose your fresh herbs, your particular salt (I love Himalayan salt, so that is what I used, but you can also use sea salt) and place the ingredients in a blender and mix. The photos are below! 

   The mixture is then laid out to dry or placed in a dehydrator to ensure the herb component is fully dry for storage. It's so simple it almost doesn't seem real, why have I been buying premixed spices all these years?!

Here are some combinations I've done so far!

Pineapple Sage & Rosemary

Lemon Theme & Basil

Rosemary, Purple Basil, & Garlic

   A bonus is this an easy way to use an abundance of herbs. With so many different mixture possibilities, you can easily store a year's worth of herbs. It will make a great gift too! Cute little bottles filled with different homemade herb salts. You can write the names on the bottles or print out a label!


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