Blueberry Sugar Cookies

Blueberry Sugar Cookies

What do you do when you have a freezer full of blueberries? You make blueberry sugar cookies! Well, that is one of the many blueberry dishes I have discovered after cleaning out and organizing my freezers to find 30 bags of frozen blueberries! So, my goal is to make one blueberry dish each week.  

Blueberry Sugar Cookies


We have several blueberry bushes on our cottage homestead. They are some of the easiest fruits to grow and maintain and only take up a little room, making them great for small backyards. Learn what fruits would do well for you. 

Blueberries are also easy to freeze and do well for a long time in the freezer. We usually have a freezer full of berries on our bumper crop years, even after making blueberry jams and jellies and eating handfuls of fresh berries. This year, we just ended up with more than usual. 

How to Pick the Right Blueberries: 

When picking fresh berries, you want to pick fully ripe ones. The berry will not have any red areas on it. Red berries will be tarte. If you purchase berries from a store or farmers market, smell them! Yep, I constantly embarrass my teenager by smelling fruit before I purchase it. But it is a must-do! If the fruit smells like nothing, it will taste like nothing, wasting your money and time. 

Blueberries in a basket

How to Freeze Blueberries: 

Whether you are freezing blueberries from the store or freshly picked, you will want to rinse them off. After rinsing them off, place them on a towel to air dry. This step is essential because it will help them avoid sticking together while freezing, making it harder to measure the right amount. Once the blueberries are dry, place them in freezer bags.  

Frozen blueberries also work well in cobbler. Here is a link to our Easy Soft-Fruit Cobbler



1/2 cup butter, softened

1 cup granulated sugar 

1 egg - I LOVE a good duck egg for baking

1/4 teaspoon vanilla

3/4 teaspoon salt 

1 teaspoon baking powder

2 cups all-purpose flour 

2/3 cup frozen blueberries



Standing Mixer/with paddle attachment or handheld mixer


Bowl for blueberries

Parchment paper

Baking/cooking sheets



  1. If using frozen blueberries, get them out in time to thaw out. Once thawed, use a fork until all the berries are mashed. Now place them in the fridge until the texture is less watery and has a jam texture. (15-20 min)
  2. Smashed Blueberries
  3. Preheat oven to 350º F. Get two baking sheets out and line with parchment paper. 
  4. Be ready with your stand mixer and paddle attachment. Mix butter and sugars in your mixing bowl until light and fluffy. Or you can do it by hand. 
  5. Add in the blueberries and beat until well combined.  
  6. Add in the egg and vanilla and mix again.
  7. Use a spoon to make small-sized balls and place them on your baking sheet 3-4 inches apart. 
  8. Placing dough on cooking sheet
  9. Bake your blueberry cookies for 8-11 minutes. Remove them when the edges look set. When you pull them out, they will look under-baked; I made the mistake of sticking them back my first time, but leave them on the sheet to set them for 5 minutes. 
  10. Then, transfer them onto a cooling rack. 


Displaying Blueberry Cookies: 

Well, if you don't know, I'm a sucker for a good basket display. Which is how I suggest you display your cookies. There is an excellent visual contrast with the roundness of the cookie sitting inside a square or rectangle basket. You want the basket to be shallow since the cookies are flat. If you place them in a too deep basket, it will look like it needs to be filled up more. 

Blueberry Sugar Cookies Display Basket


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