Basic Backyard Gardening Course

Hey, I'm Kara! 

I am a wife and mother of four, an artist, and an educator, and I have a passion for gardening and self-sufficient living. Before I go any further, I have a confession to make. The first two years I started gardening, I ultimately failed! My plants were dead, my garden was covered in weeds, and I had wasted my time and money. It was so bad that my husband gave me two gardening books for Christmas and said, "Maybe this will help you not kill everything this year." As much as it hurt my feelings, I needed help! It was also a time before YouTube and online courses. I had to do a lot of reading, internet searches, and trial and error experiments. I have learned a lot over the years and finally have my systems in place where my garden provides our family of six with food seven-to-eight months out of the year. These systems have become a part of my daily life and have changed how I see the world around me. It doesn't just stop with me. My children are growing up with a different view of the world than most peers. They are learning to add back into their environment that then, in turn, provides nutrients for them. The land surrounding my home has changed from a barren landscape to a thriving habitat. I've realized I can change the small piece of the world I live in and make it a better place for my family. I can control the food that provides life to my family, which has brought me freedom, peace of mind, and joy in my spirit. My goal is for you to experience the same thing! 

Get more details about the Basic Backyard Gardening Course below and let's start growing food together!