What if humans hibernated?

What if humans hibernated?


   The older I get, the more I think nature has it right. One of those things I believe mother nature is pretty spot-on about is the art of hibernating! I don't mean that I want to sleep for four to five months, but there are some beneficial things that I think we humans could learn from our plant and animal friends! I was pretty fascinated by this idea, so I did a little researching.

   The main thing I remember from school and all the animal shows on the Discovery channel and MPB that I watched as a kid was that: animals went to sleep. I also remember thinking, "Wow, that's a long time just to sleep!" and now that I'm an adult, what I wouldn't give for just one or two extra hours! But surely that's not all that happens? I mean, I live in the middle of the woods where I see all types of animals out and about, even on snowy days, so what's up with that? Aren't they all suppose to be snuggled up tight in their dens?

   It turns out not all animals hibernate. But lots of mammals do, even some amphibians, reptiles, and insects, and some are super hibernators, while others are light hibernators. True hibernators (which included two of my favorite, bats & hedgehogs) lower their body temperature, respiration, and heartbeat while going to sleep in their secure den. But even some of these critters will wake up at intervals, move about, eat a snack if they are a rodent, and then return to sleep. Not so sure I want weeks worth of time to keep going while I'm catching some Zs, but I do like nature's idea of rest.

   Maybe we should take nature's cue and have our own time of rest. This rest can be physical, but can also be a time of mental and spiritual rest. It can be a time for us to reflect and meditate on the past year and what adventures we want to embark on for the new year. I plan on doing a little version of hibernating myself and invite you to come along. I have used part of my winter break, to prepare my den, get my food & energy plan together, and work on feeding my soul and heart. I will share some of my ideas and process in the next blog.

Keep on wandering,