Turkey Tail Mushroom

The turkey tail mushroom is a great mushroom to start the blog off with! This easily found and recognizable fungi are an excellent starter for any new mushroomer. In my opinion, this mushroom has the overall package for fungi, and as an artist I find the turkey tail to be a beautiful woodland treasure. Why is this treasure worth the hunt? Once you get down what you have to look for you'll see them everywhere and usually several clusters at a time, so you're rewarded more often. They are one of the most visually appealing fungi with multiple colors combinations, and each one is different. Another visual "happy" to the eye is the variety of patterns that are unique to each one, this could also be a learning opportunity for kids, recognizing the differences in patterns. One of my favorite elements is their soft velvety texture that children love, you can't help but touch them, making it a welcoming kinesthetic experience! While they are not an edible find and are used for medical reasons, which I will cover in a later blog, the visual and texture appeal make them a wonder of the wildwoods!

Quick Facts: Turkey Tail
Scientific Name: Trametes versicolor
Common Name: Turkey Tail

Description: Semicircular fan-shaped structure. Tops are fuzzy-velvety softy textures that are split into “zone” of color – that can be from orange, green, yellow, blue, brown, or gray. These bans of color can range in width and pattern.
Spore/Fertile Surfaces: Pores, circular to angular, white to grayish, spore print: white, no stalk

Edibility: Inedible, used medicinally
Habitat: Usually appearing in large clusters on fallen branches, logs, stumps, or dead trees.

Time of Year: Mostly year round.

Keep finding wonders as you wander through the wildwoods!

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