Step 7: Buy healthy food & learn to cook while waiting for your garden to mature! 

Why not brush up on your skills while waiting for your garden to mature? If you are used to eating processed food (meal in a box or bag) type of food, preparing fresh veggies might be new to you. Start purchasing fresh veggies that you plan on growing. Add one vegetable to your meal prep each day. Take them home and learn how to cut each one properly, so you get as much out of your food as possible. Remember to put your scraps in the compost! 

You don't have to be a great cook. You don't even have to find some fancy recipe. Start simple. Learn just to boil, bake, or steam that veggie. Later, when you get that down, find some recipes to incorporate that veggie. You might even try some new veggies and fruits to see if they are something you will want to grow in the future. 

You will find that you will see healthier choices start to show up in other foods you eat. You might begin to cook with unprocessed meats. Start buying more nutritious snacks. Drink more water throughout the day, especially when working out in the garden. 

Once you start harvesting all that fresh goodness out of the garden, you'll be glad to have that kitchen-savvy knowledge! - Kara