Part 4: Watering your garden

Part 4: Watering your garden

Now it's time to focus on our third element essential to making our garden successful: water! Easy right? Hook up the hose to the outside faucet and have at it! I used to think the same thing. It's the quickest & easiest way to water your garden, but is it the best? 

Over the years, I have found that rainwater works wonders, from growing seedlings to mature fruiting plants. So don't be surprised when you see large storage boxes placed at all the gutter spouts surrounding my house!

Why rainwater? 

Besides being free after getting your collection system set up and not having to depend on a municipal water system that uses chemicals and, let's face it, will have a boil mandate in place every once in a while; rainwater is your plants' favorite drink! Here is why: 

  1. Yes, rain does naturally have some slight acidness, which most plants love.
  2. It also contains nitrates. Plants need nitrogen.
  3. Rainwater is 100% soft water which will help flush out any salt or hard water buildup around your plants. 
  4. Rainwater from a barrel/container will contain some organic matter that your plants will love to feed on!

How do you collect it? 

 Plastic storage boxes have been our cheap and temporary way of gathering rainwater, but we have planned our rainwater catchment system for years. Our first step was when our roof needed replacing; we went with a metal roof that would give us cleaner rainwater. We have used cheaper, smaller rain barrels made out of rigid or flexible plastic, but they always seem to tare up after a year of use. As I decluttered and ended up with extra plastic storage containers, they worked well. They are also a perfect size for dipping a five gal bucket into to retrieve water.

I've been on the lookout for clean, food-grade IBC totes for over a year. I couldn't find any! I ended up settling for some that I thought would be okay, but it was just a big mess. I will be making a video on the IBC tote mistake I made this past summer and how we have hooked up our new to us/used completely clean food-grade IBC totes to complete our rain system! So, recently, I was able to find the right ones! We upgraded our system to include six 350 gallons IBC totes around our home and areas of the homestead. That's 2,100 gallons of rainwater power! 

Our Rainwater Storage Containers Video: 

Happy rainwater collecting! - Kara