I've Painted the Town!

   I haven't just painted the town red, but blue, green, purple, orange, & yellow too! I recently finished up my fifth mural in 8 years for the small town of Baldwyn, Mississippi. I've been so blessed by this small town over the past years, a town that has trusted me with teaching their children about art and letting me share my artistic vision all around town!

I was first asked to paint a set of storm shelters by the Baldwyn Mainstreet Chamber. I had experience painting inside murals, but never one outside or that big. I took the commission, created my design, and started to work on a holiday week. To my surprise, because I was pregnant at the time, I was done in three days! I had fallen in love with outdoor murals! 



Over the next couple of years, the Baldwyn Main Street Chamber continued to spread beauty all over the community, supporting its local businesses and I, their local artist. I was called back to Baldwyn to paint another storm shelter, a downtown mural, a park mural, butterfly wings, and a mural for a local food market! I'm currently working on a local family's home-place painting a mural that shows their small community's history. Even some local Booneville businesses have gotten a little Wildwood Wonder flare! I'm blessed to able to share my talents while helping others and bringing joy to their lives. By blessing them, they have blessed me!

I will be sharing more in the future about some exciting things that are happening around here! My hope is that I will continue to bring joy to others lives through my work. I can't wait to share with your the next adventure here at Wildwood Wonder! Stay tuned y'all, community members will get everything first, so make sure to sign up for the Wildwood Wonder Community! 

Keep Wandering,