Ideas For Being Productive at Home!

  Well, it looks like our extended stays at home will now continue for the next couple of weeks, so what will you do? You could spend the whole time binging in front of the TV, or you can get those things that you "haven't had time for" finally completed. Here is a list of things you could do in the next coming weeks. Be sure to use common sense and distancing practices. If you need supplies, most stores and businesses are working extra hard right now to keep your business and are offering online/by phone orders with curbside pickup. I have also listed some things that we have been doing while we are at home. 

GET IT DONE! 20 ideas: 

  1. Deep clean your house.
  2. Organize your closet
  3. Organize your kitchen
  4. De-clutter and get ready for that yard sale when people can finally get out! 
  5. Learn how to do something new! Paint, crochet, sew, cook, make pasta, fix a toilet, how to raise small livestock, oh my the list could go on and on!
  6. Plan out a summer veggie garden.
  7. Clean up your yard.
  8. Freshen up your house with some new paint on the walls. 
  9. Call people, you haven't spoken to in a while.
  10. Write letters and send cards. The mail is still going! 
  11. Write a book or short stories. How about your memoirs? 
  12. Read a whole series of books! A lot of sites are offering free ebooks and audible books right now. 
  13. Pull weeds out of your garden beds. 
  14. Clean out your car. 
  15. Empty all the old emails in your inbox. Make sure you read mine, though, lol! 
  16. Organize your photos on your phone or computer
  17. Clean out your fridge
  18. Sit outside and enjoy the birds while they fill the air with song. 
  19. Plan out a native plant and flower garden to attract more bees and pollinators. 
  20. Take naps! Haven't you always wanted to while you were at work? You'll need a little rest after all that hard work you've been doing while at home!

  If you are following me on Instagram @wildwoodwonder, you probably saw my last update, where I discussed our three-day house update. We are in the middle of a refinance and didn't expect an appraiser to show up so soon, so when they called, we had to get into high gear! 

  After 10 yrs and four kids, it was time to update, fix, and repaint! My husband replaced toilets and sinks, cut bookshelves in half, and fixed floors. I painted two full rooms and half of another. We all deep cleaned the whole house, made a trip to the dump, and cleaned up outside too! In truth, it was all stuff that needed to be taken care of anyway, so no time like the present. We now feel like we have a new house! 

  It also meant there were some new decorating opportunities! With new color on the wall, this means I finally get to start creating that nurture bohemian anthropology space I love! I've been adding to my Pinterest boards for months now, gathering ideas! You can follow my boards at Wildwood Wonder!

I had some old screen printing frames that I've been saving just for this occasion!                                           

As you know, I love mixing metallics with natural materials, so I kept the Speedball frames their natural color and painted the other frames with the royal gold that is also on my curtain rods, light fixtures, and light plates. Then I added some nature finds from our different adventures and some Wildwood Wonder magic to create a collage of things I love. 


I also decided to DIY my curtains and comforter in indigo dye myself. Indigo is one of my favorite colors to use, and I've had experience with using an all-natural dye process, using the plant materials and well as different powered forms. Several years ago, at a state art educators' conference, I was introduced to a fantastic indigo kit! I use it for quick and kid/student-related projects, I highly recommend it! I used one kit for the curtains and another kit for my comforter, because of the size/amount of the material that was being dyed. You can order the kits off of many different websites, all you have to do is look up the name brand. 


I have left some space for more unique things as I collect them, such as some macrame plant holders that a former student is making me and some MS artist pieces! 

 We are now working on adding more grow boxes to the front porch and fixing our grape fencing. I'll be posting on that as we go. We had a thriving garden last year, and if you would like to see what all we grew, you can go to the Wildwood Wonder Instagram and click the garden icon in the story menu! 

Keep on wandering,