How do our freeze-dried snacks fit into our permaculture homestead?

How do our freeze-dried snacks fit into our permaculture homestead? 

Perfectly! But, I have to admit it took six months for Karl to convince me to take the plunge into the freeze-drying world! An, I'm so glad he did! Not only can we prepare healthy food and snacks for our family, but our Wildwood Wonder community as well. 


So how does this exactly fit into our permaculture homestead lifestyle? 

Remember that permaculture is a regenerative agriculture system, where every part of the system has multiple functions to keep the whole system running efficiently. 

 Freeze drying fit into many of our homestead core values: 

  1. An energy-efficacy way for us to preserve food. 
  2. Healthy food, freeze-drying keeps 97% of the neutral value of fresh food. The whole point in homesteading is to have high neutral value in our food, so freeze-drying makes sense! 
  3. The freeze-drying process from prepping the food to the end of the process falls into our "has multiple functions or contributions to the homestead cycle." 
  • For example, the food scraps like banana pills or strawberry tops are added to the composting chicken pen/orchard and the composting worm bins. The chickens will also eat some of the scraps and, in turn, make beautiful eggs for us! Sometimes we end up with a couple of fruits that are too ripe to freeze-dry but are perfect for homemade fruit syrup. It tastes lovely on our homemade pancakes and waffles made with our chicken eggs. Multiple parts of the system working together. 
  • We also use the water collected from the defrosting process to water our patio/porch garden! The "freeze" part of freeze-drying means that the machine quickly freezes at below negative temps. The freezing process creates ice sheets around the chamber that defrost at the end of the process. This water is collected into buckets and, once warm enough, used to water our plants!
  • The composted scraps will help make rich soil for fruit trees, bushes (like the freeze-dried homegrown blueberries), and veggies. 


  1. Will this benefit our homestead in the future? By sharing our snacks with the Wildwood Wonder Community (and yall have been amazing, by the way), we can purchase more fruit trees and bushes, herbs, and medicinal plants for the homestead. We hope to be able to provide more homestead and naturally grown products in the future!


If you would like to be part of the Wildwood Wonder Community and try out some of our amazing freeze-dried snacks, just click the SHOP button above!