Do colors inspire and comfort?

When I am planning a collection, one of the main considerations is what colors I'm going to use to unify all the pieces. The fact that we are sitting in the middle of the coldest months of the year easily influenced my decision. I wanted to incorporate colors that would inspire and comfort during these chilly first months of the year.  


This year's winter collection colors are:

Primary Colors are Silver/Gray: 

 Sliver has a more gentle energy that connected to emotional, sensitive, and mysterious parts of life. It is also a fitting color for a time of reflection and change of direction. Sliver can remind us to reflect on what we need to change. Helping to clear mental and emotional issues that might block our future paths. Silver & Gray both have a positive energy that works well with other colors. These colors also help to balance everything out!



Secondary Color, Gold: 

 Gold can give off optimistic and positive energy. A strong sense of power linked to the sun. It adds richness and warmth to cold winter days. I feel it is a fitting color choice for the beginning of the 2020 year because gold is associated with wisdom and enlightenment. It can inspire a giving attitude with compassion, loving, sharing of one's wealth, and knowledge with others. This collection has just enough gold to encourage positive energy and kindness. 


Accent Color, Bronze: 

 Bronze can give one a sense of calmness and comfort. It also has a warmness that can symbolize sincerity and genuineness. 


 Could you also use these colors in a nurturing space? Yes! Just like a piece of art, you can balance these three colors together to create a calming and inspirational place in your home. I used gray, silver, and gold in my daughter's room makeover this summer. The walls are covered a dark gray, making it the primary color that fills the room. Then we chose silver, gold, and teal as accent colors. Well placed metal lambs and small inspirational pieces of artwork help to create a cozy nurturing environment. They love being creative, so maybe the metallic silver and gold will help to influence creative energy. 


If you're interested in incorporating these colors into your life, you can find several different items to choose from in the winter collection. I hope you find a balance of comfort and positive energy!